Welcome to the Pechardo's wedding website!

This is where you'll find important information about our wedding. We can't wait to celebrate our big day with everyone! But until then, don't forget to read up on all the important details about the ceremony. Also, please remember to RSVP and view our registry!

The Groom

Hey, I'm Mike. I'm the Youth Pastor for Harvest Baptist Church but I also work as a visual designer and developer. Sometimes I can be a little OCD. I love ice cream and pastries, especially when they are together. I appreciate good branding design; I buy toothpaste based on the packaging.

The Bride

Hi, I'm Ara. I'm the princess between two brothers, born and raised in sunny SoCal. God and family are my mains. I love food and enjoy Yelping cool eats to explore. I'm a little obsessed with Pinterest and the show Shark Tank. Chubby babies and froyo make me happy, but I hate cockroaches and I'm a chicken when it comes to horror flicks.